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A smooth, line-free face sends a signal of vitality, youth, and energy. If you have developed age-related facial lines and creases from constant facial muscle contractions, Xeomin could be the ideal injectable for you. Xeomin is a high-performance neuromodulator, with a slightly different formula than BOTOX. Xeomin does not contain the added proteins in the BOTOX formula, which can lead to the development of antibodies, reducing the smoothing effect.

What is Xeomin?

Xeomin is a custom neuromodulator, developed with a unique manufacturing process that removes specific proteins in the molecule, resulting in a super-pure injectable. Xeomin works by blocking the signals from nerves to targeted muscles to limit constant facial contractions. When the muscles no longer contract, creased or wrinkled skin can heal and smooth, and etched in lines and wrinkles disappear.

How is Xeomin different?

Should I try it?

The difference between Xeomin and BOTOX is in the formula. Xeomin is called a “naked injectable,” and is free from additives. The active ingredient in Xeomin is botulinum toxin A, the same ingredient found in BOTOX, Dysport, and Jeuveau. This ingredient blocks facial muscle contractions to smooth lines and creases. Scientifically speaking, the difference is the lack of the added proteins found in BOTOX, which in some patients, leads to reduced results as the body develops antibodies to the proteins. In these cases, Xeomin solves the problem.

Gabrielle Pino, PA-C

What can Xeomin do for me?

Xeomin injections could be the ideal solution for any of the following facial conditions:

  • Horizontal forehead lines and creases
  • Crow’s feet
  • Creases between your eyebrows from concentrating or frowning

If you are considering an anti-aging treatment, Xeomin is just one of the many options we offer at Privá MedSpa, a private, luxury clinic in Fairfield, serving Westport, New Haven and the surrounding communities. Our expert injectors have an extraordinary level of training and experience with Xeomin and the other popular neuromodulators. We are proud to be known for achieving results that appear fully natural, refreshed, and youthful. 

What is the treatment experience?

Xeomin injections take almost no time to perform – your treatment will be completed in just a few minutes, after which you are free to return to your usual activities. The injections feel like a pinch and are not difficult to experience. If you are extremely sensitive, a numbing cream can be applied before your injections. The entire process takes only about 20 minutes or less to complete.

Is there a recovery time?

No recovery time is associated with Xeomin. You may have redness at the injection sites, minor swelling, or bruising which fades quickly, and can be hidden with makeup. Do not rub, scratch, or put any pressure on the area treated after your injections, and avoid hot environments (such as a sauna) for 24 hours. Other than that, you have no restrictions.

Why choose Privá MedSpa?

At Privá MedSpa, your Xeomin injections will be performed with meticulous care. The quality of results reflects the skills of the injector. Under the guidance of our acclaimed aesthetic provider, Gabrielle Pino, you can expect superior results. For the ultimate self-care experience and results you can trust, we invite you to discover Privá MedSpa, where you will feel supported, cared for, and empowered – we are here to enhance your life’s journey.

Gabrielle Pino, PA-C

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