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Lush Hair Restoration

Thick, healthy hair is always attractive. Over time, many people see their hair becoming thinner, finer, and balding areas starting to appear. Your hair is produced by follicles under the skin, which due to hormones can shrink, (miniaturization). As the follicle shrinks, the hairs produced are thinner, finer, and prone to breakage. With the help of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), you can restore health to your hair follicles and enjoy thicker, healthier hair – naturally.

What is PRP for hair loss? 

At Privá MedSpa in Fairfield, we use the most advanced PRP system for hair rejuvenation. The PRP is derived from a small sample of your own blood. The SELPHYL system removes virtually all the potentially contaminating cells and creates a scaffold to protect the platelets. This next-generation PRP device adds a precise quantity of calcium chloride to the PRP to create a three-dimensional platform that protects the platelets in the serum, so the critical growth factors work for longer to stimulate natural hair growth. 

Gabrielle Pino, PA-C

How does it work?

Our PRP hair restoration treatments can help you have thicker hair by regenerating dying hair follicles. Your hair follicles require blood flow to provide nutrition. When PRP is injected into thinning areas of your scalp, the growth factors in the serum will:

  • Attract stem cells to the area
  • Stimulate cell growth in dying follicles
  • Increase circulation to provide nutrients to the follicles

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Benefits of PRP hair restoration

PRP hair restoration, performed with our advanced system, provides a range of benefits, including:

  • No surgery, no drugs
  • Fast treatment, no downtime
  • Effective for treating the initial stages of hair loss
  • Restores dying hair follicles
  • Triggers natural hair growth
  • Safe treatment, natural

PFRM – The ultimate hair restoring serum

At Privá MedSpa, we are committed to ensuring our clients have access to the most effective, next-generation treatments. We are equipped with the SELPHYL system to produce higher quality, more effective PRP for hair restoration. PFRM stands for “platelet-rich fibrin matrix.” This advanced form of PRP is more effective, ultra-pure, and contains more viable platelets than standard PRP. The growth factors in the PRP are what work the magic on your hair follicles, and this formulation sustains the release of these growth factors for superior hair regrowth.

Gabrielle Pino, PA-C

Hair rejuvenation in Fairfield

If you are experiencing hair loss, we can help. We will evaluate your hair condition and advise you about what to expect. The first step is to draw blood, which is then processed in the SELPHYL system to create the PFRM. Your scalp will be numbed to ensure your comfort, and the PRP injected into the thinning areas. As the PRP flows to the follicles, they react by becoming healthier, stronger, and capable of producing thicker strands of hair. Over two or three months, the regenerative effect appears, with your hair becoming thicker, and follicles that were dying off restored and producing hair. 

Regenerative hair loss treatment

Your body has the natural capacity to heal. The PRP we inject sends a signal to the hair follicles to regenerate and grow new, healthy cells, and start producing hair. The most effective time to undergo this treatment is when you first notice hair loss or excessive shedding. Early intervention can ward off further hair loss and allow you to enjoy a healthy head of hair.

Male and female pattern baldness

Both women and men experience hair loss, but differently. For women, hair loss typically occurs all over the scalp, rather than hairline and crown, as seen in men. The hair loss often appears at the part in the hair, which starts to widen and become more visible, although all women are different. Once thick, healthy hair can become finer, shorter, and break easily – this is the result of the hair follicles dying. Our PRP hair restoration treatments can regenerate dying hair follicles, so they perform as they did before, sending out healthy, thick hair strands. 

Meet with us at Privá MedSpa 

At Privá MedSpa, our hair restoration experts are committed to ensuring your comfort, your privacy, and achieving visible results in hair regrowth. We invite you to visit our luxury boutique clinic, where every detail was built to provide the most positive, empowering client experience. Your journey to healthier, thicker hair is important, and our team is caring and dedicated to you, as an individual.

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