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What is Emsculpt Neo?

Emsculpt Neo is a simple, painless treatment that is designed to sculpt the body by building muscle and destroying fat. Emsculpt Neo is a non-surgical, non-invasive device that can be placed on a targeted area of the body. 

The device emits radio frequency and high intensity electromagnetic energy to the area where you want to build muscle and burn fat. Emsculpt Neo uses the radio frequency to destroy fat cells with controlled heat. Meanwhile, the high intensity electromagnetic energies cause your muscles to build and grow.

Out of all the products and devices out there that are designed to reduce fat and build muscle, Emsculpt Neo outperforms them. This cutting-edge treatment is proven to reduce more fat and build more muscle than any other product--no other device in the aesthetic field can treat both muscle and fat in one treatment.

Benefits of Emsculpt 

  • Lifts and tones the buttocks
  • Helps define the abdomen and flanks
  • Slims and tones many other areas of the body
  • Painless 
  • No downtime
  • Non-surgical
  • Non-invasive
  • Builds muscle tone
  • Destroys and reduces fat
  • Enhances workouts
  • Boosts self-confidence

Real Emsculpt NEO Before & After Patients

What happens during treatment?

Each treatment lasts for 30 minutes. To begin, the Emculpt Neo device is placed on your body in the targeted treatment area. Once the treatment begins, the radiofrequency heating brings your muscle temperature up by several degrees. You can think of this in the same way you might think of a warm-up exercise before the main workout begins.

Next, the high intensity electromagnetic energy contracts the muscle tissue in the area with a high level of intensity. With the help of Emsculpt Neo, the intensity level of the muscle contractions are beyond any level you might achieve with a workout on your own. The muscles adapt by building more muscle cells and growing more muscle fibers--in other words, they build themselves up.

As this is happening, the radiofrequency energy brings up the temperature in the fat cells to destroy and melt the fat away. Your body naturally metabolizes and flushes out these dead cells in order to dispose of them.

Emsculpt Neo at a glance

Procedure time: 30 minutes.

Treatment area options: Abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs and calves.

Recovery period: None--no recovery time is needed. 

Cost: Treatment costs start at $1,000 and up.

Benefits: A sculpted, more lean, toned and attractively shaped physique.


It will take about two weeks for your body to flush away the dead fat cells and for your muscles to show their new growth. After 2-4 weeks, you should notice a more sculpted and toned physique. Patients have also reported seeing a fat reduction in 2-3 months' time.  Clinical studies show an average 30% reduction in fat, and an average 25% growth in muscle volume. 

4 sessions are recommended for optimal results (1 per week)

What does Emsculpt Neo feel like? Is there recovery time?

Emsculpt Neo treatments might feel intense but they aren’t painful or particularly uncomfortable. Because it is completely non-invasive, there is no incision, injection or other part of the treatment that might require local anesthesia, a recovery period or downtime. 

Once the Emsculpt Neo device is placed on the targeted area and the treatment begins, You will feel a heating sensation within your skin and intense contractions in your muscles, but that is all you will feel, and it will last for about half an hour. When the treatment is complete, you can get right on with your day, returning to work or your regular activities without concern. One of the many benefits of Emsculpt Neo is this perk of having no downtime or recovery period to worry about--when you’re done, you’re free to do what you like!

Why choose Privá Medspa?

Walk into a luxurious, relaxing environment at Privá Medspa, where we offer a wide selection of the most advanced non-surgical treatments for your aesthetic journey. Led by the original founder of Plastic Surgery Center & MedSpa of Fairfield and award-winning Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alfred Sofer, and award-winning PA-C Gabrielle Pino, board certified by the National Commission of Certification of PAs, our friendly, professional staff take pride in ensuring you experience excellent, private service and outstanding results. At our modern, high-end medical spa, you are in the hands of deeply knowledgeable and highly trained technicians who are dedicated to providing you with the best of the best.

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